SmartUVStabiliser™ is a broad-spectrum ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer for polymers. It increases the UV protection, thereby extending the life of polymer-based products that are exposed to harsh outdoor environments. Such products include, but are not limited to, wind turbine blades, automotive finishes, windows and doors of buildings, and outdoor furniture. SmartUVStabiliser is not consumed, and does not migrate or degrade, nor does it leach out of the polymer.

  • Broad spectrum ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer for polymers (UV resistant)
  • Color free
  • Non-degrading
  • Compatible with a variety of polymers
  • Can be used in combination with organic or inorganic colorants

  • Significantly improves the life span and eliminates color fading of products exposed to harsh outdoor environments
  • Does not migrate or degrade and is not consumed during processing
  • Does not leach from polymers, unlike conventional UV stabilizers
  • Does not react with other additives or pigments
  • Resistant to organic solvents
  • Prevents UV decomposition of organic colorants
  • Reduces environmental impact

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