SmartRecover™ is an adsorbent that can clean and recycle particularly challenging industrial effluents, particularly those containing colors, dyes, oil, grease or other fatty substances. It can also be used to clarify edible oils and wine color. SmartRecover is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

  • Can be used as a slurry addition followed by filtration, or as part of filter or other adsorbent system
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for edible oil clarification (removal of color & vegetable proteins)
  • Suitable for wine purification (improving color clarity)

  • Able to bond to a wide range of dyes, fats, oils, greases & chemical compounds
  • Superior adsorbent capacity: depending upon oil type/characteristics, can adsorb up to 15% of its weight, compared to conventional product adsorption rates of 3 to 5% by weight
  • Reduced solid waste disposal – less damaging to the environment

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