SmartIR uniquely combines the functionalities of titanium dioxide (TiO2) and zinc oxide (ZnO) to provide a low cost alternative to these pigments.
By utilizing SmartIR in existing roof paint formulations, up to 50% of the TiO2 and all of the ZnO can be removed and replaced with much smaller quantities of SmartIR, all the while maintaining product performance. The result is high quality paint with significant raw material savings. Take a look at our savings calculator to see how much SmartIR could be saving you!

  • Allows removal of up to 50% TiO2 and 100% ZnO in roof paint
  • Total raw material cost of paint is reduced without reduction in quality
  • Coatings made with SmartIR exhibit excellent mechanical and radiative properties
  • Manufacturers using SmartIR in their formula can meet the requirements of ASTM D6083 and achieve Energy Star rating

  • Significantly reduces paint manufacture costs
  • No loss of quality as observed with other TiO2 replacements
  • Can be easily added during letdown phase

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