SmartHide™ is a low cost substitute for titanium dioxide (TiO2) in paints and coatings. SmartHide has been exhaustively demonstrated to reduce TiO2 use by up to 30% while maintaining all other paint properties – including color, brightness, opacity, durability and sheen. This results in significant raw material savings for manufacturers.

  • Replaces up to 30% of TiO2 with a much smaller amount of SmartHide
  • Total raw materials cost of paint is reduced by 5% to 6%
  • Bright whiteness
  • Glossy finish
  • Excellent, consistent coverage
  • Weather resistance
  • Opacity, hiding power & whiteness all retained at same levels
  • Contrast ratio similar to standards

  • Significantly reduces paint manufacturing costs
  • Readily bonds to a wide range of core paint and coating formulations
  • Low initial color = negligible color interference

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