SmartCaroTech™ is a patent applied, novel material and process to separate and recover β Carotene – a nutrient and natural colorant – from palm oil (where carotenes are normally destroyed by the heat of processing) and other sources such as algae and carrots. Demand for natural Beta Carotene is growing worldwide, especially for food additives, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications. SmartCaroSorb provides a way to satisfy this demand, while creating additional revenues from natural β Carotene.

  • Naturally sourced β Carotene
  • Selectively separates β carotene from crude palm oil and other sources like carrots, algae, etc.
  • Crude palm oil remains intact after extraction- allowing further treatment and sale of the oil
  • No impurities (such as triglycerides) after separation
  • No extra processing steps

  • Fast process time
  • On-site separation and recovery process
  • Room temperature processing
  • Completely “green” process: no acids or bases used
  • No esterification

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