SmartCapture™ is a novel material and process for practical, cost-effective controlled capture and release of CO2. SmartCapture offers better absorption, is stable at higher temperatures, and has lower operating costs compared to conventional methods.

Efforts to reduce atmospheric levels of CO2, including capturing CO2, are widely accepted as being critical to prevent global warming. SmartCapture can also be incorporated into food and drink packaging as a way to sustain carbonation of drinks. SmartCapture can be tailored based on customer requirements.

  • High absorption capacity – up to 3.6mg of CO2 per gram of material
  • No Monoethanolamine (MEA) or Polyethylenimine (PEI)
  • High temperature stability
  • Can capture, store and – when desired – release CO2 for use
    (desorption working temperatures are between 50 and 150°C)

  • Higher absorption capacity when compared with PEI
  • Lower operating cost compared to conventional methods
  • Material has capacity to capture and control CO2 release
  • Non toxic
  • SmartCapture can be re-used. The possibility of recycling the material = reduced environmental impact

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