Rheology Control


ShayoNano provides exceptional rheology control with our synthetic Indonite™ nanoclay. Indonite disperses readily when mixed in water, forming a transparent gel. In water, as little 2-3% by weight of this nanoclay forms a highly thixotropic gel.

Indonite is suitable for use in most formulations, making it one of the best choices as a thickening agent across a wide range of water based products.

Indonite nanoclay gels exhibit some novel properties:

  • Higher levels of viscosity than alternatives
  • Anti-settling – high viscosity at low shear rates
  • Shear thinning – low viscosity at high shear rates
  • Thixotropic restructuring after shear
  • Excellent transparency

For further information about ShayoNano’s rheology control technology and advanced materials, please contact us at info@shayonano.com.

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