Nano Composites


ShayoNano has a significant interest in developing and co-developing advanced nanocomposites for breakthrough applications in high performance industries such as automobiles, transportation, wind energy, sports, construction and adhesives. These new novel nanocomposites offer improved dimensional/thermal stability, flame retardency and enhanced chemical resistance compared to current materials.

Technology Status

Currently, ShayoNano produces additives for engineering plastics and epoxy resin systems. These additives can also be purchased in master batches with concentrates of the appropriate polymer. This reduces powder handling and simplifies processing.

One innovative nanocomposite developed by ShayoNano increases the flexural modulus of polyamides to a greater degree – even with a much lower loading level – than talc, which is commonly used for this purpose. We have been able to get an additional increase in the flexural modulus by increasing the concentration of this innovative nanomaterial in batches of polyamide. Depending on the nanocomposite used, mechanical properties can be tailored for desired impact and tensile strength.

Another of our innovative nanocomposites greatly improves the tensile strength of polyethylene. This can be utilized in a number of different applications where polyethylene is used extensively, such as heavy-duty films, lamination films, extrusion coatings & mouldings.

ShayoNano is introducing a line of customizable brand concentrates to help customers reduce polymer manufacturing costs, while also improving the aesthetics and mechanical properties of the components. ShayoNano products can be delivered as either an additive material or, in combination with a polymer concentrate, as a master batch concentrate.

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