Fire Retardant


Fire and flame retardant additives are increasingly important to provide protection against fire and smoke. Standards for such protection are very high, particularly for electrical housings and insulation, as well as for other building materials and consumer products. For environmental and safety reasons, authorities are emphasizing the use of non-halogenated flame-retardants which can withstand the demands of – and are compatible with – all engineering plastics.

ShayoNano has therefore dedicated significant resources to developing new, greener fire-retardants. Our novel non-toxic and halogen-free fire-retardant shows remarkably good dispersion in polymers and is therefore highly effective even at very low loading levels compared to products currently available in the market.


  • Non-toxic
  • Halogen free
  • Environmental friendly
  • Effective at very low loading levels
  • Releases only non-corrosive vapors/fumes
  • High decomposition temperatures

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