About Us


Leading the Development of High-Performance Nanomaterial Products

ShayoNano has developed a unique, patented technology to precisely synthesize new nanomaterials to solve real-world problems – improve performance, save money, and reduce waste & pollution. Our company’s strength is the timely delivery of these innovative yet practical products.

ShayoNano’s multinational team possesses a powerful combination of vision, technical expertise and delivery capabilities. We specialize in developing nanomaterial products that are superior to all available alternatives.

For example, ShayoNano has synthesized additives that provide uniquely effective, non-toxic fire retardancy, UV stability and opacity to polymers and coatings. Other exceptional nanomaterials from ShayoNano protect our environment by effectively and economically capturing pollutants in our water and air.

ShayoNano has established a state-of-the-art facility for product research and development. Here we create and validate new nanomaterial products that are then scaled up to high-volume production.

Shayonano is constantly developing new technologies and upgrading its products and services.

ShayoNano is incorporated in Singapore.

US Contact Address
Houston Technology Center,
Suite 106, 410 Pierce Street,
Houston, Texas – TX 77002, USA